Sunday, November 8, 2015

LIVE! - Killjoy Radio [Uncensored] F'IN GIRL SCOUT (cookies) 11/7/15

     Killjoy Radio is going digital for a couple weeks and you know what that mean? TIME FOR
KILLJOY RADIO UNCENSORED!!! But seriously, we had to take a couple week hiatus from AM so were streaming strictly digital for a couple weeks. Pretty cool, huh? Justin Jones is in the "Studio" as we kick back, relax, and  just shoot the shit about...well kinda' relevant things.

Don't worry, UBER knows where to find the bodies
So I (Bryan) have been out of work for a couple weeks and I need to supplement my income so I became an UBER driver. There has been some bad media lately about the UBER driver that was attacked by the drunk-ass Taco Bell Exec. I haven't come across anything crazy...yet. im just waiting for the creepo to start masturbating in the back seat and I freak out and hit a class of blind students on a field trip. I don't know if my insurance is going to cover that. Either way, it's interesting and I'm sure I'll have some "interesting" stories to share. UBER And Chill  might be the next trending sexual taboo. Good thing I've got that "Stow-and-Go" seating in the minivan. Fold them seats down and "go to town" I drive you around town. Maybe I'm thinking too much into this whole thing, but if I have to fumigate the sex smells I'm rating less than 5 stars. I can't have the next passenger think I just delivered a pallet of raw fish.

and I fucking HATE Thin Mints
     And while were on the topic (what?) FUCK the Girl scouts and their Delicious ass cookies.  I've eaten so many Peanut Butter Patties my shit looks like I was raped by Mr.Peanut. I knew that monocle was hiding the eye of savage rape machine. The Girl Scouts are like the american express of my obesity - they're everywhere I want to be and I can't tell them no. It's harder to buy crack than girl scout cookies. I just went into Walmart for toilet paper and left with $279 worth of shit I didn't need...SO YEA, WHY NOT BUY SOME MORE FUCKING GIRL SCOUT COOKIES TOO!

   This week we feature Music from Atomic Motel. Be sure to also catch them on Six Feet Deep - Underground Music only on Killjoy Radio.  be sure to check them out on Facebook ( ) ,  RERBNATION ( and their YouTube Channel (

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