Sunday, November 15, 2015

Killjoy Radio UNCENSORED LIVE! - Paris & Vaginas - 11/14/15

This Must Have Really Pissed Somebody off...
      Unless you have been living under a ruck in the middle of the Afghanistan wilderness you've seen that terrorists have (once again) attacked Paris (again). First the Charlie Hebdo shootings, now a wide-scale attack on multiple locations in Paris, France. Now the french haven't been the most "macho" of countries since Napoleon (who by the way was the originator of the "gangsta lean") but come one, Isis, pick on someone you own size. Well I don't exactly know how big Isis is, but picking on France is like bullying the gay kid in gym class - he doesn't fight back real well but sets fashion trends like a mofo.

     Isis, who are these guys, and what happened to Al Queda? I have so many questions! Is Isis just Al Queda for the islamic extremests with extreme lisps? And what is Isil? And why don't they like pork products? I thought that was a Jewish thing. Do they know they have something in common with the Jews? Are they so unhappy because they've never tasted the succulent taste of crispy bacon? Also, why don't they eat meat with cheese? These angry people are missing out on some delicious meal choices. Maybe if everyone just had a Bacon Cheese Burger we could all get along.  Problem solved, the world comes to peace over our love of shitty food and everything will be fine until someone discovers they're lactose intolerant and it starts World War III.

     Anyway, sorry about the tangent, I had a severe ADD moment. There's so much sadness going around. You know what cheers me up? VAGINAS . I found this article on IFLSCIENCE and we talked about 10 Things You Didn't know About Vaginas. How Big can a Vagina get? Why do they smell fishy? Can you really culture yogurt from vagina bacteria? All these questions answered and more on this weeks Killjoy Radio! I found this segment to be both entertaining and informative. It would be a lie if I told you I wasn't a little aroused. Just wait until next week we we talk about 10 Things You Didn't know About Penises. Jimmy can't wait!
     This week on Killjoy Radio we Introduced Justin's new podcast: The 38 Year Who Works At Spencer's. I'm super excited about this shoe. I think it's a hilarious idea and I know he's going to have some real funny stories. Check out the Podcast Here or just watch the Video Below:

   The Rockhaven Entertainment Local Music Showcase band on this episode is Fire in Elysium. I
interviewed them on an Episode of Six Feet Deep - Underground Music and these guys rock. Rock-Metal at it's best. Look for these guys around town tearing up the Baltimore metal scene from the inside out. be sure to check  them out on the internets:

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