Monday, November 2, 2015

Killjoy Radio - Halloween Sucks

     Halloween was a disappointment this year? Every year less and less houses give out candy, the caliber of costumes has greatly diminished, and I didn't see ONE Jason or Michael Myers. Those guys are iconic Halloween characters. You know what I did see a lot of? Middle aged men dressed as creepy sexual predators checking out all the 12 year old dressed as slutty fairy tale princess. It's entrapment and now dozens of bystander dads just got added to the pervert registry. For instance, I'm just chilling on the sidewalk while my kids are hustling diabetes from door to door and I get a glimpse of sexy Cinderella walk up from behind me and pass on my left. My preferential vision catches a glimpse of this and my male programming, detecting the ridiculously short skirt and tight leggings, automatically sends signals to my brain to do a quick preliminary glance.

     CHECK! preliminary glance confirms the presence of provocative attire in the vicinity. Phase two kicks in. After a quick recon for the wife is complete my scope of vision quickly focuses for a full field analysis of the target. The analysis confirms preliminary reports of a slutty dressed female in the vicinity and the footage is currently being hard copied to memory for further review later in the evening. Just as the doors to the Spank open the girl turns around and exposes a pre-pubescent face full of braces. Alarms start going off inside my head screaming "STRANGER DANGER! STRANGER DANGER!" and I was the stranger danger! My brain immediatly starts doing a full memory dump. I instantly wiped away 20 years of spank material in 20 seconds all because of this little whore. The only thing I'm left with now is images of scrambled Playboy channel and I'm not even really sure if that was even porn but I had a pretty good imagination.Out of all the zombie, monster, and killer costumes, the scariest this this Halloween was me - inadvertently going as Jared Fogel from Subway.

Bryan, Trish, and Guest Kelley Locklear Jacobs in Studio. Halloween talk and Trish has a stalker. Music by AcoustiFusion

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