Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Six Feet Deep Episode 11 - Elizabeth Hansen & Keli Raven 12/2/15

Six Feet Deep Episode 11

Live From RockHaven Studios we have Annapolis' Blues Singing Woman, Elizabeth Hansen. This singer / songwriter has a whole lot of blues to sing about with the help of producer / label mate Keli Raven who calls in from an undisclosed forest somewhere in the continental Unites States (?). 

Elizabeth is mysterious quiet and pensive behind her musing sunglasses. She's the new girl in the scene but she wears the blues like a pro. Listening to her CD, Blues Singin' Woman, you can hear the heart and soul that hides behind those shades of ambiguity.

Mentoring Elizabeth through this chrysalis phase is Musician/Producer Keli Raven. Keli is no stranger to the music industry as he has rubbed elbows with the likes of  Guns N Roses, Poison,L.A. Guns and more. Keli brings his knowledge and talent, mixes it up with Liz's songwriting and vocals and together they cook up something so smooth and finger lickin' good that it can only be called the blues.
"Blues Singin' Woman" was released in december, 2014 on E.P. Record. Be on the lookout as Liz and Keli get back in the studio and work on new music as this beautiful blues butterfly begins to blossom.

That is if we can find Keli and get him out of the forest.

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