Monday, October 26, 2015


The Best of Killjoy Radio

     It's been a crazy 2 months here on Killjoy Radio as we went LIVE ON AM on 680am WCBM. from our first episode featuring John Diresta to our most recent episode when Bryan gets kicked out of the BIG chair and Trish Crickett has to take over - it's been a wild ride. At times it seems like complete chaos but rest assured that it's a carefully orchestrated chaos.

     I am your host Bryan. My mother told me i could be anything I wanted to be in life, so I became an asshole. Ex-Rocker turned Dad turned Comedian turned Dad Some More turned Radio Personality  is my official resume. I love to entertain weather It's trough music or comedy I'm happy making people happy. I'm kind of like a hooker minus the sexual stuff...and getting paid....ok so more of an attention whore than anything but gosh darnet people like me.
    On week two (or so i don;t remember) we introduced comedian Justin Jones. It's rumored that Justin is a fully transformed transgender school bus driver / vibrating cucumber salesman - but none of those allegations can be confirmed nor denied. Either way, Justin is an excellent addition to the Killjoy Family and we are proud to have him! Be sure to tweet him dirty pictures of your grandmother to @theejustinjones on twitter.

    Trish (who has since been dubbed Trish Crickett) has been with Killjoy Radio since the Podcast days (wow it seems like forever ago) and is the longest running co-host of Killjoy Radio. There's not too much to say about Crickett but she would love some stalkers so please E-mail her at

     Here and there you'll hear our official Weight Watchers reject - Jimmy Zane. Jimmy is a local DJ and Podcast host whom I've added to the Killjoy Family. His adolescent outburts and childish annoyances really distract you from the fact that Killjoy Radio is taking away an hour of your life that you'll never get back...ever. make sure you follow him to hell on Twitter @jimmyzane.

    have a listen to THE BEST OF KILLJOY RADIO ON TALK680AM WCBM and tune in every Saturday night from 11- Midnight as we solidify Killjoy Radio as THE MOST REDICULIOUS AND OBSURD TALK SHOW ON AM RADIO.



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